How to Create an ERC20 Wallet

Creating an ERC20 wallet is essential if you wish purchase AIGC. Here we’ll go through the process step-by-step using You can use any ERC20 wallet.

A quick note

The guide below shows you how to set up a wallet using MyEtherWallet.

If you’re using a mobile device you might want to consider apps like Trust (iPhone link / Android link) to either create or manage your wallet. Any ERC20 wallet is fine.

1. Security check

After navigating to, make sure to check that you are actually visiting their site. Due to the quantity of money involved in cryptos at the moment, is the subject of many phishing scams.

To check you’re using their site, make sure the url reads “” and that the SSL says “MyEtherWallet Inc (US)”.

Please note, you are fully responsible for the security of your coins. We are not responsible for any losses you incur from failing to protect your coins properly.

2. Enter your password

On the ‘Create New Wallet’ page, enter a strong but easy-to-remember password.

Do not forget it! You will need it.

Tip: write the password down on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere safe. Or write it on a .txt file and store it on a USB stick. DO NOT save this password in the cloud or tell it to anyone else.

3. Download your Keystore file

When prompted, download your Keystore file.

You use this to access your wallet on MyEtherWallet or other services (such as Mist or Geth).

Do not open this file. Save it somewhere secure.

DO NOT save it on the cloud. Ideally save it on a USB stick that you store in a secure location. Making multiple backups is also a good idea.

4. Save your Private Key

Now save your private key.

DO NOT share this with anyone and don’t store it in the cloud!

Save it in a .txt file or PDF file on a memory stick, write it down on a piece of paper, or use the “Print Paper Wallet” function.

5. Access your Wallet

Your wallet has now been created. You’re now ready to access your wallet using any method you desire.

You can access the wallet directly on

Or you can connect to the wallet using the Meta Mask / Mist extensions for chrome.

Alternatively you can connect to a hard wallet (if you choose to purchase one).

6. Find your Wallet Address

In order to receive AIGC into your wallet, you’ll need to know your Wallet Address.

The quickest way to find this is to access your wallet using your Keystore File or Private Key (you can click “Send Ether & Tokens” or “View Wallet Info” – either will work).

After accessing the wallet, look to the right to see your wallet address in the box provided. You can also click through to EtherScan or Ethplorer to see wallet transactions and balance.

Tip: bookmark the EtherScan or Ethplorer page so you can quickly check your wallet balance without having to directly access the wallet in the future.

7. Add AIGC as a new token type

You only need your Wallet Address to receive AIGC. However, if you want to view your AIGC balance within MyEtherWallet, add the token type using the following credentials:


  • Token Contract Address: 0x90e76c2c45599443339eca66bec2d05f20bb6f12
  • Token Symbol: AIGC
  • Decimals: 18

Other services (e.g. Ethplorer) should show the AIGC by default. This step is NOT needed to receive AIGC but only to view your balance. You only need your Wallet Address to receive the coin, which will be allocated to you by the blockchain.

8. Consider a Hardware Wallet

You can use MyEtherWallet to create your ERC20 wallet, and the above guide shows you how to do so. This wallet can be accessed via a hardware wallet, or via the MyEtherWallet website.

It’s recommended that you purchase a hardware wallet if storing large amounts of coin. This is the safest way to store your coin. Here are some options:

MyEtherWallet is an interface for accessing the blockchain – they do not store your wallet details, so in theory it is a safe way to access your coin.

However, it is possible that their website could be compromised so there are risks involved when accessing the wallet in the future.

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